Sunday Worship

9:00am Bible Study
10:00am Worship Service
5:15pm Choir Practice
6:30pm Worship Service                         

Wednesday Night Schedule

Fellowship Dinner 5:30pm

6:30pm Nursery (Birth - 2) 
              Preschool (3-4)  

6:30pm Children's Mission Hour (K-5)                          
Students - Youth Room                            6:30pm Youth Worship (6-12)
Adults - Worship Center                               6:30pm Bible Study

What about Wednesday and Sunday night?     

Sunday night is a more informal time to gather and sing praises to the Lord and listen to teaching on a variety of topics from the pastor, associate pastors, lay leaders, or special guests.

Prior to the service is choir practice at 5:15pm.  The choir is a special group who enjoys time with each other and preparing special music for worship. All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday night is a great opportunity for fun, fellowship, and learning. Before worship and Bible Study we have a light dinner at 5:30pm. 

What Should I Expect?

Worship services take place in the multi-purpose building, the second building. The entrance is between the two buildings.  

There are Bible studies for all ages at 9:00am and the Sunday morning service begins at 10:00am and lasts approximately one hour. 

The following is a sample of a typical Sunday morning service:

Opening Song
      Choir Presentation
      Scripture and Prayer Time
      Children's Time with the Pastor
      Congregational Songs
      Message by Pastor Davidson
      Offering and Announcements      
      Closing Song

A nursery is available in the back of the education building for both babies and toddlers.

Pre-school church takes place in room L-6 of the Education Building. 

Children's church takes place in the Youth Room, the main room of the education building, after the congregational singing.

Why Worship? 

"My friends, church is for getting a foretaste of the kingdom.  It is community that whets our appetite for new creation.  It is where we get a small sliver of the wedding cake of the feast of the lamb that will be for all of us who enter eternal life through him.  And the communion of the church is the taste that should linger on our lips as we live for Christ each day."
      It Takes A Church...- Todd Bolsinger