Name of Class: Adult Ladies


Room location: H100B

Class theme: LifeWay Curriculum

A message from the teacher: 

This class is made up of ladies, ages 60 years and up. Usually we have 8 to 14 people. The teaching plan is not cast in steel; we use the LifeWay Curriculum, but also devote our opening minutes to sharing prayer requests and updating needs of the group. These ladies are a loving group, always glad to meet and we care deeply about one another. We welcome newcomers and no one remains “new” for very long. Our room and hearts are always open to anyone who might be interested in joining us. 


Name of class: John and the Baptist 

Teacher: John Walton 

Room location: H204

Class theme: The Book of Acts (October-November) & Two Kingdoms (December) 

A message from the teacher: 

Our class size ranges from 12-18 adults, ages 50 and up, and is a mix of married and singles. The only resource book we use is the Bible. Open discussion is encouraged. Everyone is free to question or comment, agree or disagree, with the topic at hand. Our goal is to learn together, not listen to a lecture that is a one-sided commentary by the teacher. No one is ever called on to read, pray publicly, or answer a specific question. In 2 Timothy 3:15 the Scriptures are described as, “sacred writings which are able to give you wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.” This is what we believe and it is why we come together each week. 


Name of class: Justified 

Teacher: Stan Gernand

Room location: H102

Class theme: LifeWay (Adult Bible Studies for Life)

A message from the teacher:

Justified is a mixed adult class, including both men and women, single and married. Quarterly curriculum is distributed and provides individuals with an opportunity to study and prepare for weekly lessons in advance. Lessons are taught in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere (coffee always available) through lecture and discussion with individual volunteer participation desired and encouraged. Prayer is emphasized and the goal is discipleship (Matthew 28:20), with the focus on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Please give us an opportunity to meet you. Visitors are welcomed and appreciated. 


Name of class: Ambassadors 

Teacher: Scott Brickey

Location: WS200 

Class Theme: Lifeway Bible Studies for Life (Oct 19th Circumstances)

A message from the teacher:

Our class is dedicated to maturing disciples of Christ by placing priority on the teaching and authority of Holy Scriptures, thus enabling class members to be better witnesses of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our family, friends, workplace, neighbors and community. We are an open class and welcome all visitors to come and study the Scriptures.